I Guess This Is Where I Start

I’ll put it plain and simple. First of all, I’m just going to ask you to call me Elle. That is only part of my real first name. That isn’t the nickname that everyone I know calls me, but some do. All other names in this blog are changed to protect others’ privacy. No, I’m not just saying that because that’s what some author’s write in the beginning of their biographies or memoirs. I have  a lot of inner monologue I usually keep to myself. Usually meaning always. Some drunken socializing has, as expected, let slip my inner thoughts here and there, but basic details were all that was told.

No, I have not killed anyone. No, I’m not in any witness protection program. I’m just a regular girl (or woman) (lady?) who just keeps things to herself. This blog is to let everything out, and of course, to allow strangers to know the inner me that even my mom hasn’t been able to figure out yet.

I was born in the cool (and weird) city of Portland, Oregon. And it is true what they say. You try to leave Oregon, you always end up finding yourself back here. I’ve probably moved from the state at least 6 times and always ended up back. I enjoy my home, the trees, the clean air smell, the people, the weather not so much. Rain never was my thing, but I’ve learned to deal with it, ignore it if you will.

I’m 26 years old, born October 13, 1989. And as I love mentioning to those who are willing to open an ear, I was also born on a friday on a full moon (OOooooooOOOoooooh spoooky). Yes, yes, I know. I’m too young to write a memoir. I am not too young, however, to START a biography. I’m not sure how this will go. Will people read it? Will people be able to even find it? If you have, then I welcome you. If you are still reading this, and I hope you are, bear with me. It’s going to be a stretch for both of us. Like any other book, article, or social networking “about me” profile, the beginning is always a strain. I’m going to make this part as short as possible. You don’t need a whole “about me” in the first part of my story. You’ll learn more and more about me as we go. In fact, I’m going to leave it here with this in which Jack Kerouac wrote somewhere I happened upon that has stuck in the temporal lobe of my brain ever since

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”



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